yodge (yodge) wrote,

Weekend Update

Awesome weekend. I don't really know why it was particularly good, but it just was. Friday night P & I had an instant noodle taste testing date.... we bought a bunch of different instant noodle brands and flavors and basically did a taste test to find out which was best. One of the cheapest and funnest things we've done... it was funny.

Saturday was a Chinese New Year celebration at the Asian Extension Service, and that was really fun too. Hung out with friends at P's place, eating ice cream, watching basketball (well, the boys did) and just talking til about 3 in the morning.

Sunday was lazy and lovely too. The weather's been rainy and cool. It's nice.

Going to clean the house today... gonna clean the floors thoroughly and see what happens. Oh, and the cockroaches are back! Yikes.
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