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Valentine's Day Report (plus photos!!)
For more than a week P just shrugged and said that nothing would happen on Valentine's Day. So true to form, I had flowers delivered to my house, and a sunset followed by dinner... in the Blue Mountains. Not bad for "I got nothing planned", really.

Yay flowers...

Pink roses!

The misty sunset across the Blue Mountains at Echo Point.

The sun, well, setting.

This is us, fighting...

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Well, we went out for tea.......

awww tea! i like tea... but not earl grey. there's something funny about that one.

Not *that* sort of tea. Dinner, with food and a flower and a choklit and drink and stuff.
The flower (a yellow carnation) is still smelling nicely.

aaaahhh.... THAT kind of tea... well that's lovely too! Haha my lilies are just about all dead and brown. That's the problem with lilies. *sigh*

why does p. look different? heh.
im glad you had fun babe. (:

and i wish i could go over for the wedding!

ooh it would be so cool if you could come!!!

does P look different?? well his hair has grown a little bit, maybe... I dunno... heh.

(Deleted comment)

yes he truly is a good one!!! eeeeeewwwww......

I guess u are having a fun time, don't you?


Re: Nice Surprise!

haha, yes I am.

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