yodge (yodge) wrote,

Social butterflication

Two birthday parties in one day! The afternoon was a pool party and barbecue, which was good casual fun. Then in the evening it was a dress-up affair, where we had to dress up as celebrities, so a bunch of us went as the Spice Girls, with varying degrees of success. I was Sporty Spice, which was great since all I had to do was wear running shoes and baggy pants and something vaguely sporty, and a ponytail. Yay!

The boys were supposed to be the Jackson Five, but really only had their 'fros on for about 3 minutes, and the wigs spent most of the night piled up on a table like an overweight black poodle. Ha!

I've eaten a lot today. A lot of prawns. YAY. (Sorry, Jordan Reuben.)
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