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Here we go!
We've booked everything for our honeymoon.

We're going to New Zealand!

Now if only we could just hurry up and get married already.

In other news, it's the last week of vacation... It's back to school next week! *sigh* My last semester! The prospect of graduation used to be kinda scary since that meant I'd be leaving my comfortable life here to go back and work in Singapore, but now it's exciting (not any less scary though, I'll admit) because I'll be getting married and going back with somebody I love and it'll be like a fun adventure together instead.

But yeah, still kinda scary weird.

JM is back from Finland! and LG's coming back tomorrow!!

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Re: New Zealand !!! In July?!?!?

well P is confident that we'll never step outside the confines of our cottage for the first week of the honeymoon anyway... ;D

but yes, we'll be on the southern bit of the south island, so i'm pretty sure i'll be cold. Thank God for fireplaces and blankets... and spa tubs. (aaaaugh... honeymoon talk... SCARY WEIRD!!!)

Re: New Zealand !!! In July?!?!?

...and snow shoes, and skis, and chains for the vehicle.....

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