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So the problem with our holiday to Singapore was that I didn't have my camera handy for most of it. Well no, that's not true - I had my camera, but didn't have any working batteries in it for most of the trip...

So yeah. Looking through the handful of pictures I had.... they're pathetic. Random pictures of dumplings and random shots of Blurry, mostly because whatever battery I had left meant that I couldn't really spend any time composing a picture before the camera went to sleep... Gah. Here's two fun ones, anyway.

P & Yoj at the Singapore Museum, with our wires for our headphones for the audio-tour.

Oh and here's Singapore...

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eViol red eye! to the right!

Your night picture is fabulous! Our digital camera, when set for night shots, drains the batteries so bad, all night shots come out looking like a LSD-designed laser-light show. :(

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