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On the Town!
P and I went for a nice evening out today. First stop, a gorgeous Thai restaurant in North Sydney in the McMahon's Point area (the place he proposed to me). The food was pretty good and the decor was really funky cool, although the acoustics were terrible and the place became an resonating chamber for every conversation at every table... Argh, noisy restaurants. P and I resorted to making faces at each other and random shouting for laughs. But the food was good, and I had a really nice lemongrass & mint iced tea. Mmmmm.

Then we walked off the meal (we were bursting)... walked around McMahon's Point and then drove around the corner to Luna Park.

There's something bizarre about that place. Makes great photos, but it really is a rather small and silly amusement park, its only charm being that the rides are ancient and it has that old school (skool) carnival feel... which basically means it's kinda gothic creepy. But yeah - good photos are always to be had at amusement parks...

The view from McMahon's Point. (The diamond on the Bridge is to commemorate its 75th anniversary, apparently.)

P at the entrance to Luna Park

Creepy-ness galore

Yoj in a bendy mirror...

Ferris Wheel

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Love the ferris wheel.
DON'T love the creepy toys and clown things.

Gorgeous pictures! :)

hehe thanks! yes clowns are creepy... *shudder*

Ohh Luna Park! I love it! I had so much fun there the last time I went....
And yes the rides are ancient but so much fun.......Sadly there's no real rollercoaster or anything......hmmm going up to the golden coast for some REAL amusement parkes would be cool! :p

i like amusement parks... even though i can't go on a lot of the rides coz i get motion sick too easily! sad indeed. but i like the atmosphere of parks. fun but something ominous about them... something eerie about the artificiality of it all. Hmmmmmm.


looks like fun gal :) carousel whee!
and yeah, clowns are creeeeepppppy! i used to have a phobia of clowns actually! tee hee hee!


pictures blaze out joy.

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