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Back in the land of Oz
Back from Singapore and Thailand! We did lots, met lots of relatives, bought our wedding bands, and generally had a good time.

The last couple days, briefly:

Christmas was fun. Exchanged pressies, ate food...

Boxing Day we had a games day where we built forts out of newspaper and then chucked water balloons and tomatoes and eggs and jelly at each other. I have a huge bruise on my leg from an egg. The chickens here lay reinforced eggs, apparently. It hurt SO bad...

Today I went wedding dress shopping with Ad (P's sister) and FinMin (for the first bit of the morning). We were very productive and managed to book a package for the bridesmaids dresses before lunchtime, and we bought my wedding dress by 4pm. So yes, I now have a wedding dress!! And it was a one-off design, so I bought it straight off the rack and took it home. It just needs to be taken up a tad, but otherwise fits beautifully everywhere and looks lovely, if I do say so myself.

I actually tried on another one earlier on in the day that was absolutely AMAZING, but cost like 3 grand and would've been supremely impractical on the actual day. But dang it looked good. But the one I have now is actually better overall, I think. I may not look like an Asian garden fairy princess (which is what the 3-grand dress made me look like - yay!) but it's still gorgeous... and certainly far more re-sellable, since I don't think that many other people would want to wear a wedding dress with two-tone cream fabric accents covered with floral embroidery and a large, rather problematic bow behind. (Sounds bizarre described like that.) But no... the dress I have now is reeeeeally nice (sorry, I'm not describing it since I know P reads this blog) and I'm relieved to have that all done with! The veil's coming in 6 weeks.

Didn't take many pictures in Singapore (too lazy to put new batteries into my camera) but I'll upload whatever I have soonish.

YAY I have a wedding dress!! I've officially entered the realm of bride-to-be-hood!

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Aha.....u decided to get a veil.....

and what happened to the whole online thing?


haha the ebay dress was a disaster... one more party dress for me... or halloween costume.... :P

me being 'out of touch' for the last week.....That's why i dinna know you were bax.
Pleased you have a yummy dress. That's one thing I would change with my wedding. I was far too practical. I'd have a 'pretty' dress were I to do it again(which hubby has actually suggested recently).

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