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Made it!!
Landed on the Spore with P. Good flight. Our luggage was 10 kilos overweight because I'm carrying at least 25 kilos of books and stuff for other people (never again!!) but we got away with it because I'm a student and apparently there's a concession for that. Yay!

It's so odd being here with P. In a good way.

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from libing the crazy girl from crazy US history classes

welcome back babe! *hugz*

aww I'm glad you got back safe!

Now you are a little bit closer to me! haha :p

(cause you know, there's such a MASSIVE difference in distance from singapore to iceland than from sydney to iceland)

anyways...I'll see you in January, have fun at christmas!! (I'll probably hear from you before christmas but still...)

randomness complete.

oh no! I forgot to log in haha...well who else do you know from Iceland? I think I could have left it anonymous but still not....

say hi to P. for me!


VELCOME BACK YOJ! advance on friday!! am i gonna be seeing you there? heehee.

OOPS! forgot to leave name. hahah.
-tab :)

hey Yoj. It's me the tall, thin, totem... ahhh... me.

Welcome back.

How long you'll be here btw?


*bounces excitedly* wheeeee


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