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I have been eaten alive by mosquitoes over the past two days. I have more than a dozen mosquito bites on me.

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crazy people who want to do outdoor activities in the evening when all the mozzies are out partying...

hey babe! can you help me create a syndicated feed? a horrible person created a non-lj blog, and erm.... pweeease?

huh? what do u mean? i don't know how... wot wot?

you know how some people have non-lj blogs added to their friends page? those things are called syndicated feeds (RSS).

if you're a paying member, you can create an RSS by going to http://www.livejournal.com/syn/ and typing in the URL of the blog. once the RSS is created, you can then add the RSS to your friends list.

if you're a non-paying member, you gotta wait till someone else creates the RSS and then add the RSS to your friends list. (i'm a plus member, not a paying member, so i need to beg favours to get feeds. hehe.)

if you're willing, my uncle's blog is http://www.theworldaccordingtoroslan.blogspot.com/ thanks muchly!!

ok i tried... it said the URL was invalid....

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