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I have been eaten alive by mosquitoes over the past two days. I have more than a dozen mosquito bites on me.

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crazy people who want to do outdoor activities in the evening when all the mozzies are out partying...

hey babe! can you help me create a syndicated feed? a horrible person created a non-lj blog, and erm.... pweeease?

huh? what do u mean? i don't know how... wot wot?

you know how some people have non-lj blogs added to their friends page? those things are called syndicated feeds (RSS).

if you're a paying member, you can create an RSS by going to and typing in the URL of the blog. once the RSS is created, you can then add the RSS to your friends list.

if you're a non-paying member, you gotta wait till someone else creates the RSS and then add the RSS to your friends list. (i'm a plus member, not a paying member, so i need to beg favours to get feeds. hehe.)

if you're willing, my uncle's blog is thanks muchly!!

ok i tried... it said the URL was invalid....

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