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I went to a youth sports camp over the weekend. Considering the fact that most of my exercise over the past 3 years has consisted of walking around looking for chocolate, this was MAJOR. Firstly, I, generally, as a rule, hate sports. Not that I don't appreciate the benefits of exercise, I just don't see why we need to sweat quite so much. Secondly, I, generally, hate camps. And it's not that I don't appreciate the fun-ness of camps and hanging out with people and having a good time and doing camp-y things like making up silly skits and building barbecue fires that always go out and never getting enough sleep because 13-year olds are wittering on all night, but my Inner Brat recoils in terror at the sight of 15 girls crammed into a bathroom waiting to take a shower, and other things that involve smelliness.

So while I know that Sports Are Fun (especially if there's some sort of competition involved... i.e. no "jogging", which is pointless and masochistic) and Camps Are Fun, the thought of a Sports Camp really made me ill... even though I knew that it would be fun once I got into it coz I'm just that kind of person that hates to do things halfway, so once I started I'd probably play like a normal person (because everyone hates a whiner.) (To clarify, I am a very proficient whiner, but I do it just to annoy people on purpose, and because it's fun [I do it so WELL!], not because I am an actual Real Whiner.)

So anyway, I'm back from camp and MY TEAM WON THE OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP. I even played in the street soccer final and had actual physical contact with the ball and tackled people! I even tripped someone up! (Yeah, so he was my brother and I felt bad afterwards and yelled "Sorry!" but the point is that I did something aggressive and sporty, yo.) Oh oh oh, PLUS, I got smacked in the leg so hard with a soccer ball during a defence practise that it left a mark on my skin... it's been 3 days and it's still there. Not any ordinary bruise, mind, a Ball Print!! I see the edges of the hexagonal/pentagonal soccer ball pattern stamped on my leg! It's very cool.

But now I am aching and am off to look for chocolate.

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