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Goin' to the chapel...
Booked the wedding chapel. Booked the hall for the reception.


We're gonna get a jumping castle for the reception. It's gonna be SO MUCH FUN.

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Wow, things on this lj are moving so fast, I expect next post will be about your 2nd child's college application :D

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You eople jsut have so many LJ friends that you have trouble keeping track for any single one. It's all there to read for those who see.

hahaha... well truth be told, it IS a bit quick. i mean, not really for us (we've basically been together every single day for about 5 months now), but i know if i was someone else loooking in I'd think it was a little quick too.

and i figured a gazillion posts saying "OMG i'm sooo in love!" would get tiresome after a while... haha! :)

well we're engaged, so we figured we'd set a date to satisfy all the questions that we're being asked. plus, you gotta book these things waaay in advance over here... especially the chapel, since we are a church of about 20,000 people, things tend to fill up.


Ahhh! that's soo kewl gal :)
jumpin castle is awesome!! don't let the knights in armour jump too much though...burst!!! hehe!

once you get a ring on ye finger, why wait any longer rite! yaay!
and oh...HI P/paul! *CONGRATS!!!* i'm nuruL! joy's lala fren in Singapore! hehe

cya soon babe ;)
luv luv
hug hug

Yernow, I'd never heard of a jumping castle before this psot. (I think I may have seen one before, though.)



i used to call them 'bouncy castles', but they call them jumping castles here in australia. they are really good fun. haha!

Only you my friend ... jumping castle at the wedding. ...it's just freakin brilliant!
I can't wait! :D haha

please tell me it's not for the kids....and then what kids? haha!

And did you book the hillsong chapel or what? fill me in please!

yep we got the Hillsong chapel! :)

and no the jumping castle is not for the kids... it's for all guests who feel up to it. it's gonna be a full-on PARTY. with balloons!

The Elvis one? ;-)

yeah we were considering getting clowns and being married by elvis, but our parents probably wouldn't approve. plus, clowns are evil.

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