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So, at carida_46's request, here is the song.

Und here be the lyrics:

they say it takes a year
if it ever does
a year to cry, to hurt,
to learn to know
that smiling is okay again
that eating is all right
how to laugh without the guilt
how to let go

i'm waiting for december
living in a twilight slumber
waiting for this feeling
this feeling to fade
to be unafraid
to get ready for sleep
to lie down and be
wearing my favorite shirt
that says Daddy's Little Girl

they say it takes a year
as the time rolls on
to start forgetting, begin
how to paint fainter pictures
using brighter colors
to tell longer stories
in shorter hours

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That's excellent! So...wow! So, so great...

Feeling inspired to create something of my own.

Danger is my middle name

what that idiot said...

really very beautiful. thanks.

<appreciates lj for this>

Re: what that idiot said...

Yes. It's definitely wow! Lovely -yoj.

I'd love to pt this in my musicmatch. I don't know how and even if I can. My hubby heard me playing it(for about the 4th time) and said,"Who's that singing? What a lovely voice she has."
So I told him the story.

Thanks (to everyone). Now, what's a musicmatch?


It's this beestung blue blobby thing with an orange ball beside it on my whatsit bar down the bottom.
I guess it's called a 'music programme' - NOT Quicktime. I like it better than quicktime which takes over the world and doesn't sound as good.


Beautiful lyrics... -huggies-

-alabaster jar

That is eloquent, beautiful, poignant, and thoughtful.
As everyone else is saying, Yoj, it's really quite excellent.

I just listened now... incredible.

(Yer sproglet pic is sooooooo qyooooot!)

Banazir(Yer sproglet pic is sooooooo qyooooot!)
Sure is! I saved it -yoj, i hope you don't mind. Stuck it in my teunc folder.

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