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Mmmm, food.
Bobby made dinner today. Roast chicken with baby potatoes and carrots and sweet potatoes with honey and thyme... Mmmmmmmmmm. It's part of our Sunday ritual - the cooking duties rotate... next up is FinMin! Yay!

Performance Day for first termers is tomorrow, so LG's gonna be singing. FinMin and I are helping out with organising the day itself, so we'll be there from 7.15am to probably 6pm... ARGH.

In other news, P & Joosah (P's best friend and now conveniently FinMin's bf - I was the matchmaker, yay!) broke into our house Friday night through the downstairs window and scared the life out of LG & FinMin as we were watching the scariest episode of Alias EVER, in the dark. It was funny because my instant reaction to their "scaring" was to laugh hysterically. I think if a real predator broke into my house I'd probably laugh too. Haha! Oh well. Tangent: It would be kinda funny to laugh at a flasher. Not that I want to be flashed at, but wouldn't it be a great reaction to give? Hysterical laughter. I like laughing. It's fun.

Oh, and I won the "Chuck Norris Award" at Fuel. It's the Leader Of The Month award, but it's called the Chuck Norris Award because the whole Youth department has a crazy obsession with Chuck Norris. I know not why.

Life is good. Only one more month till I'm back on the Spore!!! (Sporeans: We had kang-kong fried in belacan at this restaurant yesterday and it made me miss home so much! *sigh*) And then the parentals will get to interrogate P, and I'll make him wrestle with my brother! Woo hooo! Ok I'm kidding. Sorta.

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bring back some more starburst and krispy kreme!!! :D :D :D


krispy kremes??!! on a flight?! crazy....

WRESTLE? Whatever....

Bring me back more than a 'roo's scrotum....

And it aint just the parents interrogating.....brother and sister-in-law get dibs on that joy...


laughing is the best way to deal with a flasher.They want to shock so if you point and laugh.. it sort of defeats the purpose.

And yayy!! for you to be going bax home...with P.

sooo... was a funny night... of screaming and laughter... oh well it was worth it...

well im looking forward to singapore too... even tho yoj's brother might put me in a headlock and say "You'd better take care of my sister or else..." hehe

anyways i cant wait... yay!!!!

Re: interesting

Headlocks are so passe...

I will hang you from your leg hairs out of a window.....muahaha....(tensile strength test)




Its ok... Love is Pain...

man im excited for the adventure im going to have in Singapore... woot woot!!!!

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