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O, LJ how I've missed thee...
So. The last week, briefly.

- I drove a car for the first time in my life. A few metres in the carpark... manual. In the dark. Scared me to death.

- P & I went for a walk to Crestwood.

- P cooked dinner for me and FinMin & LG & Bobs. It was rather yummy. He made chicken with sundried tomatoes, fried barramundi with onions, and seared salmon with ginger. Mmmmm.

- On Saturday, we went to Glebe markets (Glebe is a rather hip and indie part of town... it's cool!) and bought a skirt... then to the Sydney Aquarium (P's first time, even though he grew up here)... then to the Gap, this high-up cliff thingy that overlooks the harbour on one side and rocks of death and the ocean on the other. Pictures following!

Yoj & P

The rocks at the bottom... where people kill themselves. Yay.

The view on the other side.

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looking good! hahaha. i love the pictures too!!! ah. i wanna be there and run away from here! I NEED A PROPER VACATION JOY! HAHAH. <3 anws! :)

-tab :)

omg, that last picture is beautiful!

Did you take it using a lomo camera?

hehe no actually it's just taken with a digital. it's 4 photos put together.

ohh the pictures are PRETTY! I wanna go to that gap place sometime haha ... and that glebe market...never heard of it!

Anyways ... miss you tons my cheerful friend...

yes! we must go to Glebe when you get back. it'll be sooo fun. everyone's like a hippie or a musician. or cuban.

i could just cry seeing the third picture. It's so beautiful...


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