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O, LJ how I've missed thee...

So. The last week, briefly.

- I drove a car for the first time in my life. A few metres in the carpark... manual. In the dark. Scared me to death.

- P & I went for a walk to Crestwood.

- P cooked dinner for me and FinMin & LG & Bobs. It was rather yummy. He made chicken with sundried tomatoes, fried barramundi with onions, and seared salmon with ginger. Mmmmm.

- On Saturday, we went to Glebe markets (Glebe is a rather hip and indie part of town... it's cool!) and bought a skirt... then to the Sydney Aquarium (P's first time, even though he grew up here)... then to the Gap, this high-up cliff thingy that overlooks the harbour on one side and rocks of death and the ocean on the other. Pictures following!

Yoj & P

The rocks at the bottom... where people kill themselves. Yay.

The view on the other side.

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