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My boyfriend's aliiiiiiive!!!

In other news, I helped out in Cubbyhouse today at HillsongWomen and it was SO fun. There was this little baby who couldn't have been more than 8-months old, and she was SO CUTE. She just sat there and wriggled and laughed and clapped the whole time. Even when she fell backwards and hit her head, she was stunned for a couple seconds and then laughed. She was so gorgeous I just about ate her.

The weather's hot now. Hot hot hot.

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I miss the hillsong babies!
They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute.......Arden is my favorite.....she's so quiet and cute and she just likes to cuddle so you just hold her and she falls asleep in your arms ... I miss my babies! haha

OOH! did you take a picture with the baby! sounds really really ADORABLE AND CUTE! :))))


nah - we're not allowed to take pictures of the children. hehe.

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