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Food matters.
I made a nice big cottage pie today. It was very yummy and I fed five people with it.

Mother shared the secret to extremely tasty pie: Oyster sauce.

And we had two packets of tofu that had been sitting in the fridge doing nothing, so Brother took it, dumped soy sauce (both light and dark) and fried shallots on it, and we ate it cold. It was missing spring onions, but there weren't any in the house. But it was really lovely anyway. Cold tofu... one of our childhood faves. MMMmmmmm. Kinda like custard. But salty. Like eating cold Camembert. Sorta.

So we had two childhood favorites for dinner today... cottage pie, piping hot from the oven (beef + buttery mashed potatoes = YUM) and sparkly cold tofu on the side. Yay fusion food!

Oh oh, and the chilli plant that we bought yesterday had a few ripe ones, so we harvested them! They're tiny birds-eye chillies that pack a HUGE punch and burn your tongue out of your mouth. Yowza!

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That cottage pie sounds mouth-watering.
There's something about pie.
I use the left over stews and curries to make a pie, and it's always the favourite.
Chillies grow really well in our backyard. We have some trees that have grown taller than us!
The only one that won't grow, is the Jalapeno(or something like that). We'll have to keep trying different positions until we find one it likes.
Al makes bottles and bottles of chilli sauce, trying out different recipes he gets from friends, and his imagination.

what *is* oyster sauce, excactly?
i have the impression it isn't made from oysters - so what, then?

Hmmm. Oyster sauce *does* have oysters in it. I think it's oyster and salt and spices all cooked together and summink like that. Do you haev it in Yurp? In chonese shoppes? It adds a different dimension to just plain "salty"... it's "salty and ooh, yummy, gimme more."


ah. well, the chonese restaurants in london (where real chonese go to eat, so the food is a bit more authentic than usual) put it in lots of things, and it does taste yummy. we asked once if it was vegetarian, and the waiter said it was - but, i guess, only for a certain deinition of vegetarian. oh well. we were served shrimp paste as part of our "vegetarian" wedding meal in norway, too...

Re: oysters! aargh!

wlel, there *is* 'vegetarian' oyster sauce, i think. it's just lal starch adn artificial flavoring... like vegetarian meat...


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