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So I'm suffering from a little PMS... a little down in the morning and stuff, but I kinda recovered in time for my belated birthday party thing. It went well for the most part and it was fun overall.

Had an episode with P over a silly thing where I cried and made him feel bad in general (the joys of being female!!) but we made up in the end and all is well. But yay - our first serious confrontation in three months! It's all good now, though. Don't worry, mom.

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Good. Dealing with these things is important. How you handle them is indicative of the quality of your future together. Hormones are horrible things - I was really glad when mine died.

Re: ..episodes....

yep we're working on it! we're pretty good communicators for the most part. and as for those hormones - i like them! okay not all the time.... but yeah! ;)

ahh. this blog template!!! i so wanted to get it.. only to realise that.. ITS ONLY FOR PAID USERS!! :(

hehehehe - i'm a permanent user! yayyyy!

Awww....poor baby sister....

In any case, I'd actually be MORE worried if you guys DIDNT quarrel at all.....

And yes....lap up the whole "joy of being a female" thing.....as a dude i will tell u that it practically always works....

Damn chivalry


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