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So this weekend was a long weekend and I didn't spend a single dollar on food because there were so many events and parties. Woo hoo! Asian Extension had Mooncake Festival with a huge dinner (and I conducted the first ever Asian Extension Serivice choir!), then there was Kara's 21st birthday party on Sunday night after church...

I wore a white-silver wig and FinMin wore a horrific yellow one... but it was really fun. More pictures to come, but here's one for now.... they had a little picture-taking corner!

And then on Monday there was Alex Chapple's 50th birthday party (the good thing about 50th birthday parties is that all the friends that bring food are 50-ish and have money to spend, so we're having like massive hams and roasts and seafood and general yummo), and then Bobby's housewarming in the evening... so yeah, basically. I've been partying all weekend.

And now I'm helping out at KidsFest tomorrow morning!!! Year 3 kids all day!!! YAYYYYY.....

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white wig!! way to go yoj! and you look good!!! at least now you know you'll STILL look hawt when the greys come marching in ;) wheee!!
luv luv

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