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Camera Update!
I've ordered the new LC-A+!! Cost me a pretty penny, but it should do me well since it has a 2-year warranty (unlike the ones on eBay) and it's the LC-A+, not the old LC-A, so it has a couple cool new functions, like allowing you to shoot multiple shots on the same frame, making multiple exposures way easier to manage. (Although it takes a lot of the random guesswork out of multiples, so I suppose the element of surprise is gone.) And since I bought it from the pricey Lomography shop, I get a Colorsplash flash and a cable release in the pack. Yay!

It's my birthday present to myself, I guess. It should arrive sometime in October, I think.

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buy me a bag instead. hahaha.....

instead of a 'roo's scrotum. In any case, happy birthday, your pressie u will get when u return u do.

I want a digital SLR

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