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Random film discovery!
Well I found a random roll of film lying at the bottom of my backpack, so I figured I'd get it developed and see what was on it. Turns out to be extra non-cross-processed Lomo snaps from Colour Conference!! Woo hoo! Here are a couple of the nice ones... and yes, they're all of men. I know not why. It was a women's conference.

Greg, with ice-cream. (Mmmm, New Zealand Natural is the yummiest.)

Justin & Dags

Phil. This one's possibly my favorite.

That picture of Phil cracks me up.

Sad that my Lomo is now half-broken. The film winding mechanism doesn't lock anymore (I broke it by forcing it forward - naughty me) and so the film rolls back on itself randomly. Makes for interesting and unexpected double exposures, though. Hmmm.

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somehow, that picture of your friend Phil reminds me of Michael J. Fox.


haha!! i know what you mean!!

heyhey!! yes, very funny shots!

oh yah, is lca like cheap at your area?

well i bought mine on eBay from Russia a couple years ago, so i don't know! haha!

That picture of Phil is hilarious...but what the HECK am I doing?!

That has got to be the ugliest picture I've seen of me in a while...well that one and the one my friend Berglind posted on myspace....*sigh*

Where are the pretty pictures of me?! haha

hehe you're pulling a funny face...

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