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(no subject)
I'm bored. Entertain me.

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Very well. I shall sing.

I'm bored. Entertain me.
And how is that in the spirit of guggle?!
The Guggle Charter judges yew!

Seriously, go talk to yer fellow Wee Gril, my clone sister miajesbar.
I found oat todaz that she's a Jane Austen fan.
(Did aye tell yew I mooted her and about a dozen other LJ fwends last weenk?)


<surreptiously gives bana a dried herring in payment for his co-spamming>

The Power of Guggle compels yew?

FREE entertainment enlarger! ysdwlk

join my community guggle!
i inherited it from my nirgeian grandmother.
in order to avoid horrible voodoo enchantment,
i have to share it with 50 others.

you could be the lucky one!

join for FREE now. only a small donation of
500 choklit coins is needed.



Now *that's* Entertainment!!

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