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Grace and Favo(u)r...

So the past week has been good. We had a seminar at church on Grace & Favour with Joseph Prince from New Creation in Singapore. Since it's the subject that he's most well-known for and his most 'controversial' in church circles, I figured it would be good. And it was. He didn't really say anything revolutionary or new that I hadn't heard before, but was a great speaker who managed to make sense of the gospel of grace and present it clearly and convincingly, unlike a lot of other preachers who mix up their teachings on living by grace through faith and by the Spirit with random thoughts on the Law and condemnation. It all basically echoed the St Augustine quote that I've been chewing on for the past year or so: "Love God and do what you will.", and the Matthew 11:28-29 bit, learning to practice the unforced rhythms of grace. It's such a freeing concept. Life by the Spirit isn't hard. Just embrace it and rest. Really.

Then Simon McIntyre from CCC came and spoke to us about how the church has fallen from greatness in the realm of art and how we as artists need to be kicked in the shins. It was fantastic.

On another less spiritual note, I really want John Mayer's new album. Like, really really...
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