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Because now my Thursdays are free after 11.30am and Thursday is the one (yes ONE) day that Australian shops stay open past 5pm, I went shopping yesterday with LG. We went to Westfield at Parramatta (LG's first time) and spent about three and a half hours just on the first floor, after which we were too exhausted to continue and went home. So it was a great roaring success of a shopping trip (I got a dress and a few tops and a cardigan and skirt and a nice black jacket and a pair of nice black shoes and some necklaces and makeup and a couple scarves for next year's winter, haha) but also not, since LG never managed to see the rest of the mall. Oh well. The end-of-winter sales are pretty amazing. Tops for $5... woolly winter things for $3... jackets for $12... Yay!

My feet were absolutely killing me, though, coz I was wearing heels the entire time. It was a major workout! Shopping is such hard work.

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slacker.....this is what scholarships are for....HAHA....

*oops* did I just say that out loud?



fwah! those are really good prices man! :D so kewlnesss! i want to go there and shop! sobzz! and oh wow, i've never seen ya with heels on man! ho ho!! great workout on those calves! :)
luv luv

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