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I led Praise & Worship in church today, and it was a special bi-lingual service, so all the songs went English-Mandarin-English. So things were going swimmingly (me singing brilliantly with romanized Chinese lyrics) until we were supposed to go to the Chinese verse of Everyday, and there's a 1-bar break before you go back into the verse, but my backing vocalists, who were NOT singing from romanized lyrics on a scrap of paper and actually just reading the Chinese characters that were displayed on their floor-mounted LCD screens, couldn't sing in time coz the computer guy wasn't clicking fast enough... So I sang the first line alone (in Chinese!!) only to have three vocalists on my left catch up when we got to the 2nd line, but the vocalists on my right didn't think anybody was catching up and thought they would wait for another bar before starting fresh at the 1st line, and when the vocalists on the left saw that the singers on the right weren't singing, they decided to stop and wait a bar too, only to have the singers on the right realize that the left was singing, so they tried to pick it up at the THIRD line... so we were on the verge of having a little counterpoint-esque disaster. So as the band played on (thank God it was a crunchy pop-rock tune with a loop chord structure) we eventually sorted ourselves out and I had to go "Ok, hang on, let's try that again, shall we?! One two three FOUR!" Suffice it to say that it was one of the weirdest musical tangles we've ever had, and in front of 500 people, no less. Argh!

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