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Meme time!! Yayyyyy....

Ooooh... the free time...

So here they are, gacked from eruhini and figgylicious....

The Book Meme

01. One book that changed your life:

02. One book that you’ve read more than once:

03. One book you’d want on a desert island:

04. One book that made you laugh:

05. One book that made you cry:

06. One book that you wish had never been written:

07. One book you’re currently reading:

08. One book you’ve been meaning to read:

The Random Survey

Is your hair up?: Yes
Is your phone right beside you?: Yes
Do you have a bf/ gf?: Yes
Do you wish you were somewhere else?: No
Do you have plans for tonight?: Fuel and more packing/decorating my new room
Are you wearing makeup?: Not at the moment
Are you wearing chapstick?: No
Are you cold?: No
Are you tired?: Not really
Are you excited?: About what?
Are you watching t.v.?: No
Are you wearing pajamas?: Yes
Who's the last person you IMed?: Probably P
Who's the last person that called you?: P


Anything you regret?: Not really. Maybe all the ice cream last night.
Ever lied?: Yes
Ever stuck gum under a desk?: No
Ever spit at someone?: No
Ever kick something living?: Boys
Ever had your nails done?: Not professionally
Ever thrown up because you cried so hard?: Yes. Apparently I did it as a tantrum-tactic as a child.


Had any plans last week?: Of course.
Who did you see most last week?: Probably housemates and P.
Was last week interesting?: Of course. I finished first year.


Have you cussed?: No
Have you yelled at someone?: No
Have you gotten mad at someone?: No
Have you cried?: No
Have you called more than 3 people?: No.
Have you IMed more than 3 people?: No. I'm not even on MSN or anything.
Have you eaten anything gross?: No


Q. First thing you did this morning?:
A. Blinked and checked the time. Stretched.

Q. Last thing you ate?:
A. The leftover chicken and rice from the dinner P made me. Hah.

Q. What's something you look forward to most in the next 6 weeks?
A. My birthday!

Q. What's annoying you right now?
A. My inexplicable muscle aches. It feels like I was working out yesterday, when I definitely wasn't.

Q. What's the last movie you saw?
A. Memoirs of a Geisha

Q. Do you believe in long distance relationships?:
A. Not really. Not in the long term, anyway.

Q. Where is the last place you went?:
A. Josh's house.

Q. Who is the last person you called?:
A. Lem

Q. Been cheated on?:
A. Not to my knowledge!

Q. Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now?
A. I hope so.

Q. Choose one to have (love, beauty, creativity):
A. Love. True beauty and creativity would be the overflow of Love, no?

Q. Do you wish on stars?:
A. Not really.

Q. Does it work?:
A. Don't think so.

Q. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them of:
A. Yes, but that's coz I always put my shoes on tight. Small feet, big shoes.

Q. When did you last cry? .
A. I teared up at the end of church last week. It was beautiful.

Q. Do you like your handwriting?
A. Sometimes.

Q. Are you a friendly person?
A. Yes

Q. Are you keeping a secret from the world?
A. No...

Q. Whose bed did you sleep in last night?
A. Mine!

Q. What color shirt are you wearing?
A. White

Q. Do you have any pets?
A. No, unless you count the cockroaches.

Q. What is the color of your bedsheets?
A. White with large multi-colored spots.

Q. What were you doing at 9 last night?
A. Eating ice-cream and Oreos with the girls while we all talked in Russian accents.

Q. Last person you talked to?
A. FinMin

Q. When is the last time you saw your dad?
A. July

Q. Look to your left:
A. It's a wall!

Q. Ever cried yourself to sleep?
A. No

Q. Ever cried on your friends shoulder?
A. No

Q. Song that makes you cry?
A. None

Q. Are you a normally happy person?
A. Yes

Q. Is your self-esteem low?
A. No, most of the time

Q. What color are your eyes?
A. Dark brown

Q. Long or Short Hair :
A. Kinda in-between. It's in that short-haircut-that's-growing-out stage.

Q. Current Music?
A. Nichole Nordeman
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