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The Attack of the Cockroaches

So yesterday I decided to spray some of the roaches I'd seen in the cabinet under the stove (I'm in the new house now) and so I bought all the roach spray and got to work.



A flood of about 40 baby cockroaches came out of the woodwork (literally) and I spent the next 10 minutes or so killing them all in a torrent of bug spray. The poor things, I nearly felt sorry for them.... but not really. It was nasty. Then JM (new housemate!) got some pictures and we left the array of dead bugs out for everyone to enjoy. Sooo amazing. Photos coming soon!

On a pleasanter note, I went to IKEA with P last night and bought some knickknacks for the house. IKEA is fun.

Then we came home and he cooked dinner for us. It was really good. My man can COOK!! Woohoo! I got me a good one.
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