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Busy busy busy!
Well this is the last week of the term, which means a gazillion assignments all due on the same day... YAY!!!! (Not.)

Last day at Street Teams today. Next term I'll be interning on Fridays at the W&CA office, which will be lovely coz I'll actually get to learn about how the W&CA dept works (kinda) and have Thursday afternoons off. Yay!

Oh, and P & I have booked our tickets back to S'pore in Dec. Dec 6th to the 24th, with 4 days in Thailand in the middle. It's gonna be insane. That's a reeeeally long holiday. Yoikes!!

My shirt smells of onions, for some reason. Eww.

I so wanna do the book meme on eruhini's LJ. And the quote one, maybe. I miss memes! Ooh I'm a dork.

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I think I missed the quote one *herm*

but I so have my sn on someone elses LJ... yeah. I feel famous now. *grin*

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