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I am WIN!!
So we played poker last night. It was the first time I'd played since I was, well, twelve, where we used to play five-card draw all the time, for some reason (betting with potato chips and literal peanuts). Anyway, last night we had 10 people playing Texas thingamajig and I was totally confused in the beginning and was really only playing because P was playing and there was nothing good on TV. Three girls, seven boys.

Big blind, small blind, flops and burns and whatEVER... anyway.

I won.

If only chips were real money!

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Oooooo kaaay. So, you put down three cards, and the bluff is that you might have two of the same in your hand?

well, everyone's holding 2 cards, and the rest of their hand is the exact same 3 cards as everyone else, in the middle. they put out up to 5 cards in the middle... so you just have to bet that the 2 cards that other people have don't make up a better hand than the 2 that you have, once added to the 5 on the table. (e.g. if there are a jack, queen, and king on the table, along with a 4 and a 9, and you have a 4 and 9 in your hand, you have a two-pair. But you just have to hope that someone else doesn't have TWO 4's to make 3-of-a-kind... or a 10 and ace to make a straight... did that make sense?)

*Now* I see it. That sounds like fun.

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