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I am WIN!!
So we played poker last night. It was the first time I'd played since I was, well, twelve, where we used to play five-card draw all the time, for some reason (betting with potato chips and literal peanuts). Anyway, last night we had 10 people playing Texas thingamajig and I was totally confused in the beginning and was really only playing because P was playing and there was nothing good on TV. Three girls, seven boys.

Big blind, small blind, flops and burns and whatEVER... anyway.

I won.

If only chips were real money!

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What is that Texan hold'em thing? I've seen it advertised on a billboard outside the pub.

haha - it's basically the same game, but you only hold two cards and the rest of your hand are community cards and opened on the table bit by bit and you keep betting as the hand unfolds.

okay that's a really bad explanation...

Oooooo kaaay. So, you put down three cards, and the bluff is that you might have two of the same in your hand?

well, everyone's holding 2 cards, and the rest of their hand is the exact same 3 cards as everyone else, in the middle. they put out up to 5 cards in the middle... so you just have to bet that the 2 cards that other people have don't make up a better hand than the 2 that you have, once added to the 5 on the table. (e.g. if there are a jack, queen, and king on the table, along with a 4 and a 9, and you have a 4 and 9 in your hand, you have a two-pair. But you just have to hope that someone else doesn't have TWO 4's to make 3-of-a-kind... or a 10 and ace to make a straight... did that make sense?)

*Now* I see it. That sounds like fun.

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