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I am WIN!!
So we played poker last night. It was the first time I'd played since I was, well, twelve, where we used to play five-card draw all the time, for some reason (betting with potato chips and literal peanuts). Anyway, last night we had 10 people playing Texas thingamajig and I was totally confused in the beginning and was really only playing because P was playing and there was nothing good on TV. Three girls, seven boys.

Big blind, small blind, flops and burns and whatEVER... anyway.

I won.

If only chips were real money!

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hmmm... well she did play well thanks to the guidance of yours truly... and in the end she took all my money too... but thats ok cause her money is kinda my money too hehe well yer

im glad to have someone as awesome as her :)

cause her money is kinda my money too

Whoa, there. ;)

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