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So it's antares84's last night in Australia, and we hadn't gone on that stargazing thing that we'd been planning for 3 months but kept putting off. Then the lovely P calls at 11pm and asks if we'd like to go to the park and try to look at the stars, since antares84 was leaving. So we said "Yay!" and went.

So we hung out at the park, swung on the swings, looked at the stars (even though they weren't very visible tonight coz it's a full moon) and then decided to head back to the car at about 12.30, at which time the COPS pull up and blind us with their big floodlight thing...

Cops: What are you kids doing?
Us: Looking at the stars...
Cops: There aren't any stars out.
Us: We were trying... The moon's in the way.
Cops: How old are you? Do you have ID? Where do you live?

And so on. Anyway, they let us go in the end. Thank God P had his ID on him. They looked really suspicious! Yeah, coz we all looked so dangerous. Hoodlums backward-R us!!!

So that was a memorable last night in Australia for antares84. Yay!
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