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By popular demand...
Pictures of Yoj & The Boy (hereafter referred to as P, or gigilious)...

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hmm... whos that handsome MAN!!!!

wow... that guy is hot... :)

Re: hmm... whos that handsome MAN!!!!

MAN!! pffft. You is just babies.....

Re: hmm... whos that handsome MAN!!!!

Oh my goodness .. that guy is so HOT right now..!!!1

... now that's a cute couple.



Popular demand indeed. He is as cute as you.

whi dydn't you sai he was a hobbyt!

haha. yes i agree that he looks cute like you. haha. he looks like youuu!!!!! hahaha!!!
opps! but its trueee!!!!!

Y'all make an adorable couple! YAY!

*rubs eyes*
Gosh, am i seeing similarities? :-DDD


GiGi is a gudt man...

- JT

Re: hi

oh woops maybe i shud have sed more in that previous post.
- and joy is a gudt woman.. hehe


Re: hi

these two will take over the world seriously ... (for God) that is ..

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