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Dodgy clubs & Chinatown

So last night a group of us went to RaynCo's gig in the City. It was in a place called The Mandarin Club that sounded nice enough, but turned out to be a really dodgy dive that was basically a room with Chinese decor, a stage, a bar, and 3 tables. Anyhoo, it was some sort of indie concert and the bands were interesting. RaynCo was pretty good, if reggae-rock-pop is your thing. The band before them was called The General Public and they were, um, interesting. The band after RaynCo was called Messy Love and they were actually pretty good, but we had to leave after one song because it was 11pm and we needed dinner. I felt bad because the Messy Love band members and groupies were very supportive of RaynCo, and all the RaynCo people just up and left after the set. Rude, rude, rude. *sigh*

We had Chinese food, and then ice-cream at Passionflower, this adorable dessert place that sells durian and green tea and black sesame and lychee ice-cream (amongst the other usual flavors.) It was like being back in Asia!

To bed at 3.30am.

Got up this morning, had a rather unsatisfying lunch (don't think I'll ever have instant noodles again... I think my palate's been changed by my organic/semi-healthy diet... the noodles just leave me with a yucky taste in my mouth...) so I had a bubble bath to make myself feel better.

And that's all so far.
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