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Couplehood, briefly.
In case anyone was wondering, it's all going swimmingly.

The romance is good for my soul.

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Swimming is goond!

One finds one-elf in similar circumstanceses. ^_^


Re: Here, have an icon

ooooooooooooh.... is there a little hobbit maiden??

Re: Here, have an icon

Indeead. :)

Yew may have crossed paths with her recently, in fact!

Very happy fro yew,
Banazir's a bit cold for swimming.....
goood for snuggling though.

*whispers* peekchures? *wink*


hmm, all in good time. we're too busy having fun to take pictures... :P


i love romance!
romance is good!
swimming is good!
luv luv

Me... oh ME!!! YAY!!!

hmm... so... wen are the photos/pics coming ay ay ay!! ??

hehehe ur soooo adorable my beautiful...

Hi, nice to meet you!

Now, get thee hence unto teunc so you can be properly welcomed!


*is scared*

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