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It was absolute raving madness.

For five days, I took the 6am bus to Olympic Park (which means a 5am start), and only got home at about midnight. About 30,000 people every day and non-stop work. It was exhilarating and busy and fun and exhausting.

But we have the next week off, which is good.

Oh, and it's somewhat official now... I am half of a couple.

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haha. cool!!!
eh, wheres my starburst!! haha!! where are they!!

haha. and why is it half a couple?!

actually i had your sour worms, but i forgot to bring them to the wedding, so i gave them to my mum when i left. haha!

and i'm half a couple because there are two people in a couple, and i am only 1 person.....

haha. i dont care.. you have to ship them to me noww!!!!!!! ive been anticipating it larrr.......

haha. wheres the other half?? HAHAHAHAHA. :p

he's.... over there!


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