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At around midnight, I got an MSN message saying "Hello! Remember me?"

It was Elissa, my best friend from Year 2!!!! FOURTEEN YEARS AGO. Last time I spoke to her (online) was about 4 years ago (woohoo for MSN Messenger lists saved since forever), and the last time I actually saw or spoke to her was about 14 years ago.

So anyway, we're both like AAAH! and then she asks where I am, and then goes ballistic when I say I'm in Sydney... I tell her exactly where, and she goes even ballisticker (coinage!) because she lives TEN MINUTES AWAY.

And she occasionally attends my church!!

So anyway, we're meeting at church on Sunday and then doing lunch!

Is that bizarre or what?!?!!

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Yayy!! ..for the internet...and happy coincidences.

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