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My favorite person at the moment:
Suze Orman.

She's so obnoxious and cool.

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She's so obnoxious and cool.
Yer turning into me mum! Xo)

"So, Suze, I'm being sponsored to go to a research meeting in Michigan, and I have an expense account. But I want to go to this co-located Sci-Fi con, and I was wondering: when should I start rolling pennies in order to pay for gasoline? It's up to $2.19 a gallon for premium and $1.99 for the crap regular stuff now..."


Re: Suze Orman?!?!

Auuugh!! Yer turning into me mum!
Then yer mum is a vert cllo person, boviously.

Suze Orman is just so hilariously obnoxious and condescending it's fantastic! She's got this weird intensity that I have only found in Americans (so far.) Really. This weird kinda "I'm good at this so watch me strut and watch good, pal." attitude that isn't so common in non-murkian 'experts' (at anything)... it's weird, but I love it. Mad passion for unglamorous things. kinda like Mr Rolf, that mad math teacher of mine who frightened and fascinated us at the same time. Loads of fun.

Suze Orman is cllo!! She's got a weird thing with the way she overuses her eyes to communicate intensity, though.


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