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Well well.
The boy asked me out. On a date.

That's a first.

I mean, literally.

We shall have to wait and see how this plays out.

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i say!

good show, is wot. (and bout bloody time, i might add.)

woulda done it myself, you understand, but what with living on different continents and all....

My sentimentses zigzackly.

Yay! Keep us psotted, eh?


ooo. how very interesting.
but i do agree.. its bout time yoj!!!
well, now at least when people ask you ,'so joy ah, when is your turn?' you can say, 'well.. im at the first step. the date.' HAHAHA!!!! :D :D :D

interesting interesting.
ooooooo. :) :)
im sure it'll play out pretty well. :)

Have a great time. Where are you going?
Somewhere warm I hope....

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