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Meme from figgylicious!! Just couldn't resist... I was about to log off, and then I saw this... so here we go, before I go to bed...

-------IN THE PAST 24HRS HAVE YOU----------
* Cried: Yes
* Worn jeans: I'm wearing some now
* Met someone: Of course I've met people.
* Done laundry: No
* Talked on the phone: Yes, to Dags and some other people I don't remember now.
* Kissed someone: No
* Said "I love you": No

--------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN-------------
* Yourself: Yeah, I think.
* Your friends: I believe they exist... uh, I don't understand the question.
* Tooth Fairy: No
* Destiny/Fate: I believe in destiny, to a point. Like there's a general plan and destiny, but not stuff like what I'm gonna eat for breakfast.
* Ghosts: I believe in spirits, but not 'ghosts' in that way, no.
* UFOs: I'm undecided, but leaning towards No.

--------FRIENDS AND LIFE---------
* Do you ever wish you had another name?: I used to want to be called Cherry or Jasmine or something botanical like that. But never seriously.
* Do you like anyone?: I like plenty of people. But in "that way"? I'm still deciding.
* Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: NoLo, maybe. But not really.
* When you cried the most who was there?: I don't know.
* What's the best feeling in the world?: Playing the piano in an empty room.
* Worst Feeling: Thinking you've disappointed or hurt someone.
* What time is it now?: 2.21am
* What are you listening to right now?: One of the 'Selah' parts off the latest United album.

--------WHICH IS BETTER----------
11. Chocolate or vanilla?: Chocolate, duh.
12. Coke or Pepsi: Coke.
13. Love or Lust: Love
14. Sprite or 7UP: 7Up
15. Girls or Guys: They is equal... *blink*
16. Scruff or Clean shaved: It so depends on the person.
17. Blondes or Brunettes: Generally brunettes for me.
18. Tall or Short: Short people are cool, okay?
19. Movies or Dinners: Dinners
20. Night or Day: I like both.

21. What do you notice first: Kindness.
22. What personality traits draw you to them: Humor, kindness, and courage.

----------THE LAST TIME YOU...-----
23. Showered: Haha, more than 12 hours ago.
24. Danced: At church. We jumped around like fools and then did a little mambo.
25. Saw a live band perform: At church! 6 hours ago!
26. Got drunk: Never.

27. Makes you smile: Nearly anyone can do it.
28. Who can make you smile no matter what?: Seriously, it's not hard.
29. Has a crush on you?: This guy... I'm waiting for him to develop the third trait (see above.)
30. Are you in love right now?: No.

--------DO YOU EVER--------
31. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call?: No.
32. Save AIM conversations?: No, but I think Mercury auto-saves things.
33. Wish you were someone else?: Not really.
34. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: Not really.
35. Wear perfume?: Occasionally.
36. Go online for longer than eight hours at a time?: Not recently.

--------WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON...---------
37. That you saw?: FuJo (twins, so technically two people.)
38. You talked to?: FuJo
39. You hugged?: Carol
40. You instant messaged?: Finian & banazir.
41. You messaged on lj?: Don't remember.
42. You yelled at?: Kids at Fuel yesterday.
43. You thought about?: I dunno. My mom?

--------DO YOU?-------
59. Color your hair?: Occasionally.
60. Have tattoos?: No.
61. Have piercings?: 7, just ears.
63. Have on lipstick?: Not right now...
64. Own more than 10 pairs of flip flops?: No.
65. Like someone?: I'm interested in the prospect of it, but haven't quite decided yet.
66. Hate someone?: No.
67. Have any money on you?: 5 bucks in my pocket.
68. Know what time you finished this?: 2.32am. Yikes.

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