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Dear Diary...
...today I had dinner, surrounded by boys. There were two of us girls (although my fellow female decided to sit on the other end of the table) and eight boys. It was kinda scary. And they really don't have any problem talking about gross male things when they're in the majority. But anyhoo, the food (flame grilled steaks, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy) was yummy and I can't really complain. There's nothing like a steak cooked by a dude who is obsessed with steak. It was actually really funny.

Then we played Risk, and I won. And it was only my second time playing, ever. Woo hoo!

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(Deleted comment)
the physics of peeing into the wind, etc...

Thats a very important subject! As is snot colour, loudness of fart and spit trajectory. :D


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