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Pajama Day
dread piwate teddy
A bunch of us have declared it Pajama (Pyjama) Day tomorrow at college. Gonna see who the game people really are, and who the truly vain ones are. It was hilarious to see some of the girls literally REEL in genuine terror at the prospect of wearing shapeless clothes to school. So odd. I mean, they're cool with dressing up for 80s theme nights and whatnot, but not PJs? It boggles.

In other news, I discovered the John Butler Trio recently. They're quite funky cool.

Good night!

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yeah i dont understand what the big deal is either. ITs not like we're asking people to come to school naked! Oh well your right, it will be interesting to see who does and who doesnt.

..at least it's winter and you can rug up in warm fleecy 'jamies.

wooooo this sounds coool! how i wish my college is THAT GAME enough! hmm, maybe i shd try putting some bullitine up!

take pictures!!

*cries* I'm just upset that I got SENT HOME!

Never in my 15 years of being in school have I been sent home to change! haha
Then again it was fun...see if I wouldn't have been on my "no myspace" for a day I would've seen that people meant SWEATS not reaaaaaaaaaal pj's ... but hey my pj pants are cool! :)

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