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Today at dinner some boys thought that it was strange and weird and curious that I have never had a boyfriend, or even been out on a 'date', ever ever ever. It's not THAT weird, is it?

It became like such a big deal. Boys are funny.

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yeah, i think it may be cultural. i have several girlfriends here who are the same as me, and they only felt the pressure since moving to australia.

eh. although i did a personality test thing and apparently people like me don't usually find romance at all until their mid/late-twenties coz that's when the boys have grown up a bit and stop being scared of us. Or we should just go for older men. hmm.

I felt less pressure when I moved to Australia...

Back home I was really strange, weird etc for never having had a boyfriend but this pressure has been majorly lifted since I came here.

haha. yes.. i agree with the 'hmmmm.'

like what's wrong with that?!

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