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Today at dinner some boys thought that it was strange and weird and curious that I have never had a boyfriend, or even been out on a 'date', ever ever ever. It's not THAT weird, is it?

It became like such a big deal. Boys are funny.

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(Deleted comment)
oh i know they're very nice. maybe just none of them think *i'm* nice... :P

Well, I find it strange and weird and curious. Even though I have a few friends even older than you who are like that. It's still weird :P

it's not my fault!!! i blame wimpy men. waah.

well, I think it's a bit strange too. But only to 'our' way of thinking.
It really depends on your circumstances.
If you'd lived your life 'here', you'd have had more invitations and opportunity probably.
Not even at church? That someone special you would sit next to?

yeah, i think it may be cultural. i have several girlfriends here who are the same as me, and they only felt the pressure since moving to australia.

eh. although i did a personality test thing and apparently people like me don't usually find romance at all until their mid/late-twenties coz that's when the boys have grown up a bit and stop being scared of us. Or we should just go for older men. hmm.

I felt less pressure when I moved to Australia...

Back home I was really strange, weird etc for never having had a boyfriend but this pressure has been majorly lifted since I came here.

haha. yes.. i agree with the 'hmmmm.'

like what's wrong with that?!

(Deleted comment)
thank you!

although i suppose i'd feel better if my lack of pairing-up was due to me rejecting or discouraging boys (as they suggested yesterday) rather than boys never ever expressing interest. :P

or maybe i push people away subconsciously.

FWIW, I never went out on a date until I was 23. Also, I've heard strangeness and weirdness and curiousness from girls on that statistic.

So, data p6int.

You could meet your first and perhaps your last beloved when you're 20, or 23, or 26, or 30. It takes all kinds. Don't sweat it.


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