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Remember that exam I screwed up on? I managed to pull an A-. WHAT?! I'm so confused and puzzled, especially since I only got a B and B+ on the other 2 subjects (English linguistics modules) that I thought I didn't screw up on. Then again, B and B+ aren't exactly 'screwup' grades. But still, the A- for messed-up-history-exam is making me crazy. I was expecting to do the worst in that module... I can't imagine how I managed to get that grade, since I totally talked around the question in the exam, and it was 50% of the exam. Unless all that grading on a curve worked in my favor and the rest of the class totally lost it too. It's a world gone mad, I tell you. I'm dumbfounded, flabbergasted, bewildered, baffled, disturbed, perplexed and befuddled. I mean, it's nice that I did well, but... I didn't!!! I swear I didn't! Auugh!!

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Congratulations! And I've lost track of how often I've thought I was going to do horribly and ended up doing okay on an exam or paper. Sometimes professors grade more kindly than we expect.

Ah, yes. Meminds me of my Spanish III class in which there was an inverse relationship between how well I thought I did on a test and my actual grade...

I know what you mean!

Back in college I had this exam of IT Investment Strategies or some other lame-o course. Since most of the stuff was of the a little above high school level I didn't bother to learn too much. Since I'm a genius and all that.

Anyway, I get the test and when they ask me to define something, I know how to calculate that, and when they ask me to calculate something I know to define it. So I sort of fill in the greatest bullshit story ever told for each question and get ready for re-taking the exam. Two weeks later we get the results and I get (the Merkian equivalent) a B-. And that was enough to keep my average still very high.

My first reaction is zuh! since I didn't answer any of the questions correctly. But apparently I'm the biggest bullshit artist ever and the guy in question didn't even bother with it and just gave me a grade he thought I deserved.


Danger is my middle name

Re: I know what you mean!

In high school, I managed to write (and get decent grades on) several essays on a book that I had only ever read about the first chapter of. And no, I didn't see the movie either.

Re: I know what you mean!

bha! i twisted the topic of my International Baccalaureate research paper so that i could write a "literature" essay on Romeo & Juliet... but focusing on "cinematographic adaptation".

why are we bragging about what lazyasses we are?


On apr 29, I had a poster presentation due. On apr 30, I had a case report due. On apr 29, I had nothing to base the discussion in the case report on and finally lucked out and found some stuff I could use as references, we finished the thing and turned it in.
We are told that almost nobody gets this first case report approved immediately; we get a week to amend flaws and missing stuff.
Our paper was returned today, and had the following note on it:
"Great! Thorough work! Approved"

*teunce* *teunce* *teunce*

re: dumbfounded, flabbergasted, bewildered, baffled, disturbed, perplexed and befuddled

i give you an "a" for vocabulary.

Re: dumbfounded, flabbergasted, bewildered, baffled, disturbed, perplexed and befuddled

why, thnakyew muchly!

Adn aye give yew a n'A' fro spellink!

Grats, Yowie.
Goond job!
Adn thanatos_kalos is wright; some profs are jsut kindlier. Knot moi, but whatcher gonna do? :nirglive: >:o)


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