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Remember that exam I screwed up on? I managed to pull an A-. WHAT?! I'm so confused and puzzled, especially since I only got a B and B+ on the other 2 subjects (English linguistics modules) that I thought I didn't screw up on. Then again, B and B+ aren't exactly 'screwup' grades. But still, the A- for messed-up-history-exam is making me crazy. I was expecting to do the worst in that module... I can't imagine how I managed to get that grade, since I totally talked around the question in the exam, and it was 50% of the exam. Unless all that grading on a curve worked in my favor and the rest of the class totally lost it too. It's a world gone mad, I tell you. I'm dumbfounded, flabbergasted, bewildered, baffled, disturbed, perplexed and befuddled. I mean, it's nice that I did well, but... I didn't!!! I swear I didn't! Auugh!!

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