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Oh and I forgot to mention!
practically perfect
The Jamie Cullum concert was brilliant. That boy is astonishing. Loved it. Absolutely phenomenal entertainer, and his musical chops aren't too shabby either. Went with a whole troop of college folk (mostly musicians) and then we went to Pancakes On The Rocks afterwards. Had strawberry pancakes with vanilla ice-cream... mmmm.

Using my Mary Poppins icon because like Jamie, she too is English and practically perfect in every way. (Although Mary Poppins is probably taller, poor boy.)

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He seems a really nice guy. They had him on Sunrise.
Pancakes!! /me glowers at you.
I can't have pancakes any more. I've made them with the gluten free flour, and they're crappy.
..grumble grumble...I loved pancakes. With icecream and golden syrup - or Maple if I could get it.

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