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Well, it's Good Friday tomorrow and since we're all really busy over the Easter period and we only really have Friday off, we (the house & next door) are having a Good Friday lunch tomorrow! FinMin is making Finnish mocha cake. And there's other stuff on the menu.

I've never eaten so much chocolate in my life. We don't really make a big deal about Easter back in Sporea the way they do over here. I never really ate chocolate or did any Easter eggy things as a child... Hmmm.

It is, however, hitting me at a good time, because I've a feeling that I shall soon be surfing the crimson wave, and the choccies are doing me good.

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Finnish Mocha Cake??

There is no such thing!!

Tell her you want some "Mämmi" instead (pronounced as 'mamy').

Re: Finnish Mocha Cake??

mokkapalat... it's finnish!!!!

Re: Finnish Mocha Cake??

Ooh, I like those. Now how about that mämmi?

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