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Anybody know?
What does it mean if the tips of your big toes go numb? Sensation is slowly returning to my left foot, but the tip of my right big toe is still weird and numb... I can feel pressure, but not much else... kinda like how it feels when you numb an area of skin with ice. It's been like that since yesterday morning.

Very very weird.

Any suggestions?

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is it pale, as well? cold? if so, it's probably a circulation problem. if it's tingly, or if there's pain when you move it a certain way, it's probably a pinched nerve. have you been eating? any unusual activities, or new places? contact with new substances? and if it doesn't resolve by tomorrow, see an MD.

no, my toes are pink and healthy looking... they're definitely getting circulation... hmmm... yeah i tihnk i'll give it one more day. so WEIRD.

nervous thing, then. pinched nerve, maybe...

i think it means your dieing.


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