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I am frustrated at the absolute idiocy, laziness, and unacceptable inconsiderate-ness of some people. You do NOT throw people's personal belongings out IN THE TRASH just because you can't find their owners in a big, crowded room!! We have a LOST & FOUND for goodness' sake!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUGH!!!

Yeah at first I was all sad when I found out my stuff had been thrown in the trash by some moron, but then I decided to get mad instead. It works better.

Anyway, I'm more or less over it now.... I just think it's ridiculous. Gonna tell somebody in charge tomorrow so some other poor soul doesn't get their stuff thrown out by an idiot too lazy to put things in the Lost & Found.

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(This is rather random, but) raargh your post just reminded me that I should've checked the trash when I lost my stuff today! Eek.

oh man. that sucks! then how?? what sorta stuff dod you lose??

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