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Get set...
Should I ever become rich (or even modestly middle class, I suppose), I want a piano of my own. Like a real piano. It doesn't have to be a baby grand or anything (although that wouldn't hurt), I just want a beautiful noisemaking piano that I can hit really hard and make cool sounds on.

I can spend an hour playing a piano without playing any particular song. And I love it. *sigh*

Anyway, the Colour Your World Conference starts tomorrow. I'm working the merchandise! Woo hoo!! It's gonna be a blast.

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I know exactly what you mean.

I have an ancient (as in, grandmother took lessons on it) baby grand at home, and miss it dearly. I bought myself a keyboard to keep in the dorm this year, just to help with withdrawls... but it's a poor replacement (I want all 88 keys, dangit!).

Piano is my catharsis. :)

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