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So last week I was waiting for Du to get done with her coffee duty, so I sat next to the coffee cart in the driveway thing and waited...

And then a car drove by...

I had a strange Ally McBeal-esque vision of the cars bouncing over my legs. Fun.

The End.

And then today I went with churchfreak to the Towers for the first time in aaages... and I discovered the advantage of having feet so small that I can (have to?) buy shoes in the kids section.

I saw these and HAD to buy them...


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AAAAAAAARGGGGHHHHHHHH i am SO jealous! I want to get a pair of cute boots too! Argh!


heh heh heh...

they is miiine.

gonna have trouble finding an outfit to work with them though.

Those boots are AWESOME!

why thank you! but now i have no idea when I'll ever wear them. :P

ooo. pretty purple boots. and i see flowers too!! haha. well,at least you have small feet! i have big and wide feet and it makes it sooo difficult to get shoes at times. oh,did i mention that my feet actually looks like a guy's feet? with my 2nd toe actually longer than my big toe? how weird is that?! and werid cos i wont be able to get some nice pretty shoes at times!! the anguish!

hmmm. i think a lot of people have a 2nd toe longer than their big toe... i've seen a bunch. but yes, it does usually look a little strange... heheee.


oooh! its gorgeous! =P Both the black and PURPLE BOOTIES!! ME LOVIN IT! just don't wear an overall purple outfit with the boots! hmmm...hehe

Heh. Qyoot feetses, shoes, and skirt.
But the boots make yew look liek a k_stater! It's just the wright shade of urple.


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